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My name is Sonja. 

I'm a passionate sports fan, especially football and cricket, talkative and curious; German by birth (mother), English by heart (father) and French in progress (partner and residence).

Love flying, travelling, eating, reading, writing, learning, watching crime and comedy series, documentaries and films; listening to music and radio, going to the cinema, eating out in restaurants, meeting up, socialising and chatting with friends.

Always up for a challenge and a laugh!

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I am a big crime fan! That is watching and reading it of course! undefined It just fascinates and terrifies me what induces offenders to their crimes and makes them different to people like you and me.

=> Check out my short stories, mainly crime fiction: 

1 Abuse:

What and why: Victim-turned-murderer monologue, why murder was her only escape from the hell she lived in.

Inspired by: Various films, documentaries and books, mainly by Martina Cole. 

2 Manic Thoughts:

What and why: Having been mobbed in school myself gave me the character idea: This story takes a subjective angle with a monologue showing how and why some people opt out the way they do.

Inspired by: Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine and the Erfurt school shooting 26th April 2002.

3 Murderous Thoughts:

What and why: Tense psycho-thriller where the phantasies of one partner to harm the other are in the process of becoming reality.

Inspired by: Various crime cases and documentaries.

4 Offender's Thoughts:

What and why: Subjective monologue with the takes on life from a general offender's angle, why he does what he does and doesn't follow the laws and rules like everyone else.

Inspired by: Hannibal Lecter and various crime documentaries.

5 Phone Calls:

What and why: As the title says, Phone Calls is a collections of conversations between people... Just a little bit different... Funny... Maybe alternative... Not exactly examples to be led by anyway!

Inspired by: Phone jokes, films, ...

6 Victim's Thoughts:

What and why: Tense psycho-thriller monologue from an abused victim's perspective wanting to escape from her situation. Also produced a short-film based on this short story.

Inspired by: Various cases, documentaries and Linkin Park's Numb.

7 Work Life:

What and why: I am generally not really a science fiction fan, but having covered and learnt a different side to the genre in school, we had to write our own short sci-fi story dealing with the problem of overpopulation in the future.

Inspired by: George Orwell's 1984 (and Hannibal Lecter, read it and you will see how and why).

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I am a contemplative, reflective, philosophical and dreamy person. I just think too much!  

=> Check out my poems: (listed alphabetically)

1 Behindside 

2 Changes ; 3 Comparison

4 Destiny's Life ; 5 Dreams ; 6 Dream Kiss

7 Life

8 No Surprise!

9 Precious Life

10 Tears and Fears ; 11 Thoughts; 12 Time out!

More Poems: Wait and see... ; Wanting is not enough! ; When? ; Who? ; Why?

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Because I thought and wrote so!


Ever since I was able to think, read and write I have been thinking, reading and writing about the things I love (and hate) but especially over the last decade-and-a-bit because of the many things that have happened and changed for me in that time.


I prefer the good old fashioned pen and paper (and books), but am not moaning about the advantages of the new technology. Quite the opposite. I use and abuse and appreciate them just as much!